ParTech is an industry leader providing both innovative software and proven, rugged hardware for the most demanding restaurant and hospitality situations. Par's PixelPoint POS and INTOUCH POS software is an all-inclusive system incorporating Table service, Quick Service and Delivery & Carryout. Considered the "Cadillac" of Point of Sale systems, Par continues to set the pace for all those in the race for a faster, more user friendly, reliable system. Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Denny's and Bennigan's are just a few who have chosen PARTECH.

PAR's all-inclusive, next-generation POS terminal is here.  ViGoTM POS is a multi-functional, fully integrated system that can be customized to meet unique site needs in a multitude of environments - from Quick-Service to Full-Service to Pizza & Delivery.

ViGo's 15" vivid touch screen allows crew to quickly and easily view menu choices and orders.  Optional 8" customer-side touch screen display or 5" customer-side viewing display allow you to visually interact with customers and make line wait time feel shorter.


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