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InTouch POS is a multi-brand, multi-concept application versatile enough to handle every variation and combination of QSR, Casual Dining, Pizza & Delivery. The intuitive, customizable touchscreen layouts reduce training time and improve speed-of-service.

The instinctive user interface carries through to the integrated back office functions including Cash Management, Human Resources, Timekeeping and Reporting.
Key Features include:
  • Integrated credit card option
  • Integrated Kitchen Video Support
  • Flexible drive-thru configuration with Insert Order functionality
  • Versatile combo meal options
  • Intuitive server screen using floor plans for casual dining and full service
  • Quick-and-easy split and combine check functions
  • Central Cashier or Server banking
  • Customer database to track customer preferences & order history
  • Street database with trade-area boundaries and policy-driven driver dispatching
InForm Back Office provides managers with real-time operational information so that they can make effective decisions that will make a difference now, rather than after it's too late. The Message Board on the log-on screen ensures that managers receive important daily messages. Forecasting & Planning, Inventory & Purchasing and Labor Scheduling offer fully-featured modules that streamline managers' tasks, allowing more time to be spent up front dedicating attention to customers and crew, instead of in the back office.
PAR's InSynch Enterprise Configuration Manager provides enterprise-wide control of menus, ensuring that new menu items and promotions are available on time, every time, throughout your enterprise. Menu maintenance is a breeze with time-saving tools such as block price changes, optional automatic rounding of prices, pre-set effective dates for new menus and successful receipt and process notifications from restaurants within the enterprise.

InSynch supports multiple concepts, store groups and tax groups, allowing one common tool to be used to manage even the most diverse restaurant businesses. InSynch controls security and system parameters for all restaurants in your enterprise, enabling consistency of operations in many areas including void reasons, job codes, inventory count schedules, security levels, etc., helping to ensure more accurate reporting across stores and regions.
InQuire is a PAR-hosted, web-based Enterprise Reporting service that consolidates data from all your restaurants and posts it to a secure website designated for your company.

Based on the latest technology using Microsoftís .Net platform, InQuire provides managers with the tools they need to analyze their business and share this analysis with relevant parties both within and outside of the company. Turn-key integration with Microsoft products allows for one-touch exports via e-mail, Excel and pdf formats.

The Executive Dashboard provides an overview of the entire enterprise, highlighting problem areas with color-coded alerts based on user-defined critical thresholds. The flexibility of the .Net platform allows each customerís InQuire site to be customized to align with their individual business. PARís Enterprise Integration Services (EIS) group can also link InQuire to your existing business applications such as financials, payroll and supply-chain systems.
Exalt POS provides unmatched affordability and stability with an easy-to-use interface that makes training a breeze. Based on 20 years of QSR-driven development, Exalt provides owners with the flexibility, speed-of-service and security that are critical for quick service restaurants. Fully internationalized, Exalt supports a variety of tax codes, any currency Ė with or without decimal points - and a variety of languages. Exaltís integrated kitchen video and routing support, intuitive manager functions on the terminal and built-in item tracking enhance your POS performance. For proven cost-effectiveness and reliability, Exalt rises to the top.

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