Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  Do I need to purchase PixelPoint POS Software for my restaurant to run MemberShare?
Answer:  Yes. MemberShare is available exclusively for PixelPoint POS Users.
Question:  How does MemberShare work in general terms?
Answer: Gift cards and memberships can be sold at the POS in any location, and redeemed in others automatically.  Your users in the restaurant will not have to use anything other than PinxelPoint POS to issue and redeem gift cards, the technology takes care of the rest.
Question: What is the difference between MemberShare and PixelPoint HeadOffice?
Answer: MemberShare allows the sharing of customer, loyalty and gift card information.   HeadOffice allows sharing of all data, including menus, recipes, inventory, labour information and more.  HeadOffice also includes the ability to push data corporately and collect sales information across the chain.
Question: If I'm already using PixelPoint POS in some of my restaurants, can I add MemberShare to my systems?
Answer: Yes.  You can contact your Authorized Reseller or Business Partner to get started with MemberShare.
Question: I only want to share gift cards with other stores in my area.  Can I prevent other stores in my group from seeing my sales?
Answer: Yes.  MemberShare will only share member, loyalty and gift information with other stores using PixelPoint POS, but not your sales.
Question: I don't have an IT department or IT personnel.  Can I handle something like MemberShare?
Answer: Yes.  MemberShare is a low maintenance application which has been designed to be self sufficient and easy to use.
Question: Will this software give me a statement that tells me who in my group owes me money, and give me gift reconciliation reports?
Answer: Yes.   MemberShare includes PixelPoint's own DataMiner, which can deliver cross-store reconciliation statements, and more.

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